Duquesne Towers Exterior
Resident Director Access Bathroom Shower
Student Dorm Hallway, Bluu

Client:   Duquesne University
Location:   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Architect: Stantec

Duquesne Towers Sign Duquesne Towers Sign
Student Room, Beds, Dressers, Desk Student Room, Beds, Dressers, Desk
Student Kitchen Yellow Student Kitchen Yellow
Elevator Lobby Green Elevator Lobby Green
Small Lounge, Coush, Blue Carpet Small Lounge, Coush, Blue Carpet
Blue Couch Lounge Blue Couch Lounge
Yellow Lounge Yellow Lounge
Resident Director Access Bathroom Toilet and Sink Resident Director Access Bathroom Toilet and Sink
Water Bottle Refill Station Water Bottle Refill Station

The renovations to the Duquesne Towers spanned 15 floors. With 78 beds per floor, meeting completion dates was imperative. Using a compressed schedule, 3 floors were completed per each summer break over 5 years, ensuring that no disruptions to student life occurred.

Kitchen upgrades, new lounges, and a fresh color scheme brought the Towers into modernity. Taking this message a step further, Duquesne added Disability Access to the Resident Director rooms on some floors. These rooms include a fully accessible bathroom, a lighted doorbell system, and a fire alarm system with speakers and strobe lights.

Both the RD rooms and the kitchen adjacent are at the forefront of renovation innovation. Duquesne is at the forefront in updating rooms to better serve students with disabilities, and the stoves installed were the first to be installed in a student residence by TEDCO.

Kitchen Panoramic, Blue
Lounge Panoramic Green

TEDCO maintained tight control over multiple trades and diverse suppliers to complete the project within our ambitious schedule and the contract price, all while maintaining the designers’ high quality standards.

Spang & Company
Spang & Company