Penn Avenue Building Exterior

Client:   930 Penn Associates, LP & Rugby Realty Co, Inc
Location:   930 Penn Avenue, City of Pittsburgh
Architect:   EDGE Studio

Pittsburgh’s celebrated Cultural District surrounds 930 Penn Avenue, a steel frame masonry renovated apartment building with six stories and 20 units. In an area known for the hottest new restaurants and sub-par parking, this historic warehouse-turned-residence sits atop the Seviche tapas bar, as well as 20 in-building parking spaces, accessed by a car elevator. Hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, and walk-in closets make these 1,550 to 1,725 square foot apartments as spacious and inviting as the sprawling city surrounding it.

Having dealt with other contractors, TEDCO’s professionalism and courtesy were especially appreciated. Your representatives seemed to have a genuine understanding and sensitivity to our concerns, and worked to protect our interests for the duration of the project.

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