Client:  Grove City College
Location:   Broad Street, Grove City PA
Architect:   IKM Incorporated

The Carnegie Music Hall gained new purpose as TEDCO and IKM finished work to transform the building into an alumni center for Grove City College. The 3-story 12,600 square feet building was renovated to add office space to a little-used 3rd floor, and a 2-story 6,200 square feet addition was incorporated as well.

This $5,000,000 project brought the hall up to current ADA standards, with an accessible entrance and elevators, while maintaining the aesthetic of early 20th century architecture. A multipurpose reception area with space for 120 people, as well as smaller fireplace-centric seating areas, truly made this an event space. A kitchen and bathrooms finished out the requirements the Center would need for success and comfort.

We couldn’t be more pleased with TEDCO’s work. Both projects completed for us had some cost issues to resolve in the final stages of design before we could begin construction. Jim Frantz and his estimating team were extremely helpful in identifying ways to reduce the cost of these projects without sacrificing the quality of the finished result.

Grove City College
Grove City College